TC46/SC4/WG14 Interlibrary Loan Transactions



Last update: 24 June 2020




TC46/SC4/WG14 Interlibrary Loan Transactions is the ISO working group with the responsibility for updating ISO 18626 Interlibrary Loan Transactions.


The editors of ISO 18626 are Leif Andresen (Royal Danish Library), Clare MacKeigan (former OCLC Relais, Canada), Ed Davidson (OCLC, UK) and Tina Baich (IUPUI University Library, Indianapolis, USA).


Working group WG14 has 17 members from Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, and United States.


In June 2020 the working group finished the Committee Draft, a revision of ISO 18626 Interlibrary Loan Transactions. The Committee Draft is now out for ballot by the members of SC4 Technical Interoperability, with 4 August 2020 as an end date for voting.