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Last update: 4 August 2022




The goal of the Centre for Interlibrary Loan Transactions (CILLT) is to support the implementation of ISO 18626 Information and documentation - Interlibrary Loan Transactions with use cases, maintenance of http://illtransactions.org/, the mailing list, and other relevant initiatives. This organization is the international community for ISO 18626, and have a category A liaison to ISO TC46/SC4 Technical interoperability, the sub-committee responsible for ISO 18626.



As approved by CILLT members:



Legal entity

CILLT is registered as a legal entity at the Danish Central Business Register (CVR) (link: https://datacvr.virk.dk/data/index.php?q=forside&language=en-gb) with CVR number 42413844.




Editorial Committee

Editorial Committee members are:

·       Leif Andresen (Royal Danish Library)

·       Clare MacKeigan (formerly of OCLC Relais, Canada)

·       Ed Davidson (OCLC, UK)

·       Kristen Wilson (North Carolina State University)

·       Anders Vestergaard (DBC)


Library Advisory Committee

Members represent libraries, library organizations and library-owned institutions.

Library Advisory Committee members are:

·       Rita Albrecht; HeBIS library Network, Germany

·       Leif Andresen; Royal Danish Library (Editorial Committee)

·       Tina Baich; IUPUI University Library, Indianapolis

·       Ed Davidson; Ex officio (Editorial Committee)

·       Juha Hakala; The National Library of Finland

·       Allen Jones; ReShare and The New School Libraries & archives, New York

·       Clare MacKeigan; Ex officio (Editorial Committee)

·       Gerri Moeller; Minitex, Minnesota

·       Mark H. Needleman; Retired Florida Center for Library Automation

·       Kristen Wilson; North Carolina State University (Editorial Committee)

·       Anders Vestergaard; Ex officio (Editorial Committee)


Implementers Advisory Committee

Members represent the vendor community as well as other organizations currently implementing or planning to implement ISO 18626.

Implementers Advisory Committee members are:

·       Leif Andresen; Ex officio (Editorial Committee)

·       Ed Davidson; OCLC (Editorial Committee)

·       Abhijeet Roy; OCLC Relais

·       Chas Woodfield; Knowledge Integration

·       Allen Jones; ReShare

·       Ranny Lacanienta; SirsiDynix

·       Clare MacKeigan; Ex officio (Editorial Committee)

·       Stefan Midtgaard; Systematic

·       Moshe Shechter; Ex Libris

·       Dustin Stokes; Atlas Systems, Inc

·       Anders Vestergaard; DBC

·       Debra Denault; Index Data

·       Alexandra Winzeler; Auto-Graphics

·       Kristen Wilson; Ex officio (Editorial Committee)


Joint Committee

The Joint Committee includes members of both the Library Advisory and Implementers Advisory Committees.



To sign up for membership send an e-mail to iso18626ill@gmail.com with the name of the library or implementer, the web site, the official e-mail and the name and e-mail of the contact person.


Institutional members

(libraries and library organizations):

·       Aalborg Bibliotekerne (Aalborg Libraries), Denmark

·       Aarhus Kommunes Biblioteker (Aarhus Libraries), Denmark

·       Esbjerg Kommunes Biblioteker, Denmark

·       HeBIS library Network, Germany

·       IUPUI University Library, Indianapolis

·       Minitex, Minnesota

·       National Information Standards Organization (NISO)

·       North Carolina State University Libraries

·       Royal Danish Library

·       The National Library of Finland

·       The National Repository Library of Finland

·       The New School Libraries & Archives, New York

·       UCN Biblioteket, Denmark

·       University of Alberta Library, Canada


Implementing members

(companies and institutions implementing ISO 18626):

·       Atlas Systems, Inc.

·       Auto-Graphics

·       DBC

·       Ex Libris

·       Index Data

·       Internet Archive

·       Knowledge Integration

·       Kronosdoc

·       OCLC

·       ReShare

·       SirsiDynix

·       Systematic


Personal members

Retired individuals from libraries, library organizations, companies and institutions as non-voting members:

·       Clare MacKeigan; Retired from OCLC Relais

·       Mark H. Needleman; Retired Florida Center for Library Automation






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